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You got admitted to GLOBE, what now?

First of all, congratulations! This will be one of the most exciting times of your life. But where do you even begin in planning your time there?

GLOBE community

Once you have been admitted to GLOBE, you will get to know your fellow CBS students better during the GLOBE Social day. As a group, you will decide on two captains, that will also reach out to the US and Hong Kong captains. Furthermore, you can volunteer to manage the GLOBE Instagram or the blog.

Being in GLOBE, also means being a part of an amazing network, that has all sorts of backgrounds and careers, but is connected through the shared GLOBE experience. Therefore, it comes naturally that you might be offered to attend a McKinsey, Bain or Kearney event, meeting the GLOBE Alumni there and other bright minds that are more than happy to share their experiences and best practices with you. The GLOBE Alumni has also set up a program, where you will be matched with a former GLOBEr, who will become your mentor and can help you with the planning of your trip, accommodation, choosing your classes, and maybe even beyond academics or GLOBE in that matter.


Although the locations you’re going to are already set, you can now decide where in Chapel Hill or Hong Kong you want to live. On or off campus? Close to the business school or close to the party mile, where all the fun happens? Who do you want to live with? There are definitely pros and cons for all the options.

In order to finance all of it, you can do different things. Of course, you can work, do an internship and learn how to budget, save the next birthday money or apply to scholarships. Once you’re a GLOBER yourself, you get access to the Members Only part of the website and can use the tips and tricks regarding scholarship application.

Academically, you can start applying and signing up for the courses. The coordinator of GLOBE in the respective country will help you along the way. Generally, you have to take an equivalent number of credits as you would at CBS. But next to the 2 assigned GLOBE courses, you have a lot of freedom to specialise yourself or explore beyond the CBS scope. Just make sure to always get your courses approved by CBS.

On the practical side of things, you have to apply for a Visa, which I hope works more smoothly for you, than for Batch 16, who had to travel to Germany and Poland in order to get appointments at the American Consulate since the Copenhagen office was overwhelmed and working at limited capacity due to Corona. Lesson learned: Apply for an appointment early, as soon as you get the needed documentation from UNC.

The US and Hong Kong also have requirements for country-specific vaccinations that you have to prove and/or get done if you don’t have them already. Inform yourself about them early enough and plan ahead to make the necessary appointments.

Things you also might want to think about are: can you continue your Danish phone plan, or do you need to make a new one in the US and Hong Kong? What insurance do you want to have? Are you taking the campus health insurance, provided by UNC, or do you waive that one and get an international one from home? You might also want to get an international drivers licence document from your commune, if you plan on driving in the States or anywhere else.

Lastly, you start to pack for UNC. It´s definitely not easy to leave clothes or other things behind, but the lighter the suitcase is on the way there, the more you can go shopping abroad. So really decide on what items are necessities and make plans to buy big, heavy pieces once you arrived.

Finally, you´ll buy your flight ticket and you’ll be off to the US and very soon Hong Kong. And that is when the journey really begins. Enjoy :)


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