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Fall Break in the Mountains

Time flies by, and it´s already fall break. It´s essentially very well-deserved time off after having midterms and finishing the Module 1 courses. A lot in the group had also travelled to New Orleans or Florida the weekend before, and were at the State fair and Basketball late night to kick off the season.

GLOBE 16 therefore decided to use the fall weekend for a relaxing mountain trip. After planning the trip with many excel sheets and google surveys, we got a cozy Airbnb at Black Mountain. It did not have enough beds to host all 40 of us, but hey- it had a pool, hot tub and a sauna. It´s only fair that some slept on couches or air mattresses for that.

The weekend started off, however, by a power outage in the neighborhood. So GLOBE 16 made the best out of it and bought smores supplies and gathered around the fire pit listening to Ed Sheeran songs and having deep talks. The following days were filled by hikes of all sorts of difficulties, shopping trips in Asheville, brewery hopping, reading, Poker, watching movies, playing bord and card games, and good food.

In Globe nature, we explored Cuban breakfast place, went for tacos for lunch and finished the day off with an incredible Indian restaurant.

We even managed to get a reservation for the whole batch at one of the local restaurants. For Manas birthday night, we all dressed up in randomly assigned pairs with the theme being dynamic duos. We had a monk and a nun, a lifeguard and safety ring, alien and astronaut, a pair of babies and cowboys, and much more.

Overall it was definitely chaotic with everyone being in the same house, but we also grew a lot closer, got to know each other better and are looking forward to the rest of our experience more than ever.


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