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— formerly known as GLOBE

The TREBLE program is a one of a kind experience, as it offers high academic learning by expert faculty around the World and a truly unique international outlook. It facilitates a collaborative learning environment, which inspires students to learn from each other and better understand different perspectives. However, what is truly unique about TREBLE is that the learning continues when stepping outside the classroom. In TREBLE, students are not only learning about different cultures. Rather, they experience it first-hand and are challenged to face cultural differences head on, forcing students out of their comfort zone.


Cultural understanding and sense of doing business in different cultures is vastly expanded by study trips and firm visits, promoting both personal and professional development. However, as student live, learn and travel together as a group for 1.5 years, they do not only learn from skilled professionals, but also from each other – whether it be different perspectives on fin-tech or ranking of karaoke bars.


Through exchanges of experiences within the group and adventures as a group, friendships and memories of a lifetime are created. This means that GLOBE does not end, when the cohort returns to their respective home institutions. Rather, the TREBLE experience stays with you through lifelong friendships, shared memories and a strong alumni network, which spans the globe.


“GLOBE begins at the end of your comfort zone. With the acceptance to the GLOBE programme, you are given a passport to a secret world you never want to leave…”

– Maibritt Hansen, GLOBE Batch III, CBS Student

“Being in GLOBE has for me entailed pushing my limits every single day – and when being around people who inspire and motivate you, this suddenly doesn’t seem that hard anymore”

 – Jacob Strand, GLOBE Batch X, CBS Student


“The biggest thing I took away from GLOBE was an appreciation and curiosity to keep trying to learn about the world around me. GLOBE exposed me to so many incredible people who have crazy interests and talents, different ways of living, and background stories and I love being able to be a part of that”

- Stephanie Bui, GLOBE Batch X, UNC Student

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