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From North Carolina to Hong Kong

We completed our semester at UNC in mid-December after all final exams were taken and group projects were handed in. It was very bitter-sweet, knowing that our first GLOBE semester was coming to an end, but since we only had a couple of weeks until we would reunite in Hong Kong, it made it much easier to say goodbye.

Now, we are all in HK, settling into an entirely new, different home. Unlike at UNC, The Chinese University of Hong Kong campus is located away from the city, in the mountains of the New Territories. The whole area is covered in greenery, which is a refreshing sight considering the concrete jungle of apartment blocks and financial towers that characterises the Central Hong Kong skyline.

The entire campus is in fact a maze of different buildings and staircases that are perched along the side of a mountain facing a passing river below. In the beginning we were all set on exploring CUHK by foot, but after just one week of walking up and down the hill, most of us resorted to using the excellent bus network instead. Still, every now and then, I will take a walk to class or one of the many canteens offered at CUHK and I’ll come across paths like the one below. It’s these small finds which make me love CUHK.

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