Packing for UNC

Packing for 5 months is no easy task, but here I’ve compiled a list of the most essential things you’ll need for your UNC semester of GLOBE.

  • A speaker- if you have one, bring it! It’s always nice to have music in your dorm room and ready for any impromptu gatherings at your residence hall.

  • Gym clothes and a pair of sneakers are a must. Fetzer Gym is free to all students and there are so many sporting clubs you’ll want to join whilst you’re here.

  • Remember adapters and extension cords! This seems obvious but I’ve asked quite a few people from my batch for ideas about this article and this was something that most people had forgotten.

  • A little reminder of home. My roommate brought a small wooden elephant that she had in her apartment back in Denmark, which now makes our otherwise very standardised dorm room feel a little homier. Even if it is just a trinket, keychain or a small gift from your family, it’s nice to have something that brings back memories.

  • This is a more administrative point, but remember to bring all relevant documentation ie. your I-20 visa applications, receipts of SEVIS payment, proof of funds and so on. They must be in your hand luggage when you arrive in America!

With that being said, there are also some things that you should not pack. We’ve all tried it before: you’re sure that you will need a certain item whilst you’re abroad, but once you’re there, you realise it wasn’t important anyways. Hopefully this list will convince you otherwise and you won’t make the same mistakes that I did!

  • Leave all your blazers, smart pants, heels and