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Intro days at UNC - GLOBE batch 17

The GLOBE batch 17 arrived at Chapel Hill in the beginning of August in order to make time for everyone to get to know each other better. The UNC batch had prepared a few exciting intro days before school started at the Kenan-Flagler Business School.


Thursday morning was the first day of our GLOBE 17 welcome activities. The day started at Carolina Adventures Outdoor Recreation Center, where Carolina Adventures had prepared different challenges, games, etc., to mingle us together as a group. One of the challenges included all 54 of us, who had just met each other, having to balance on a large balance board made of wood. It sounds easy but it wasn’t - and it took a while before we managed to balance on the board. Later that day we were challenged out of our comfort zone. The activity was ziplining and those with a fear of heights were naturally nervous. However, with some encouraging words from the instructors everyone completed and enjoyed the 1200 ft. long tandem ziplining, which stretched over the beautiful Carolina Outdoor Education Center. Afterwards, we enjoyed a delicious lunch together under the zipline.


Even though a large portion of the CUHK and CBS cohort had arrived a few days before the intro days, we had not yet visited the entire campus. Therefore, the main activity this Friday was a tour around campus hosted by the UNC batch. UNC-Chapel Hill is one of America’s oldest public universities which is evident across the whole campus. Chapel Hill is centered around the university, which makes UNC so unique. The campus is exceptionally beautiful and authentic due to its historical structures and scenic surroundings. UNC-Chapel Hill is also one of the largest universities in North Carolina with around 30,000 students in total. Therefore, the tour and the information on transportation around campus were very useful, as the campus can seem a bit confusing and overwhelming for new students.

Pizza and "night" capture the flag were scheduled for later that day in a park on campus. The group was divided into two teams - one orange and one green - and given glow sticks. The teams had to compete against one another and capture their flag. This was another interactive and fun activity to get people to work together across the different cohorts while playing a fun and simple American game.


On Saturday, the whole batch took a trip out to Kerr Lake, which is around 90 minutes away from Chapel Hill. The first part of the day was enjoyed at the lake where people freely could mingle and do activities such as paddle boarding, canoeing, spike ball, etc. The weather was perfect, and the atmosphere was great. At the lake, each batch's GLOBE captains had planned some introductory games from their home nations.

First, the CUHK captains introduced us to a fun and unique locale game from Hong Kong called “Catching Chicks". The rules were somewhat straightforward: both teams selected a "hawk." and the rest of the team were "chicks." You had to hold on to one of your teammates as the two teams lined up in a line for a face off. The goal of the game was for the "hawk" to try to catch the last “chick” in the opposing team's line. The first person in the line was the "hawk." If the “hawk” captured the chicks the team won, but if a team member failed to cling onto the line the team lost. Second, the UNC captains had prepared an excellent old classic American game: dodgeball. Everyone was engaged in these games bringing out our competitive sides, which resulted in minor bruises, injuries, and wounds. But do not worry, nothing serious. Lastly, the CBS batch chose the famous "speed dating" game in which participants got one minute to speak with a random batch member before moving on to another speed date. A great way to get to know each other individually.

In the evening a GLOBE party was thrown back at Chapel Hill. Here the batches had the chance to show how good their dance moves, and singing were. Surprisingly, the Danish singer, Tobias Rahim's, song "Mucki Bar" became a big hit during the party! However, it may be possible that this was due to the song being played repeatedly all night long. All in all, Saturday was another fun and memorable day.


Sunday was the last day of the introduction days. The GLOBE batch was quite tired after an eventful Saturday. Therefore, the CUHK and CBS batch started with a relaxing breakfast at the Kenan-Flagler Business School, where we had the opportunity to meet other exchange students who also are studying for a semester at the UNC Kenan-Flagler Business School. The UNC batch then joined us at the University where we all had a meeting covering practical information and facts about our semester at UNC. We finished early this day so we could prepare for courses starting the following week.

The GLOBE batch 17 wants to thank Sherri, the business school, and the UNC batch for their warm welcome and for organizing these fantastic days for us all. We are very grateful, appreciative, and very excited for the rest of the semester here at UNC.


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