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The Global Learning Opportunities in Business Education (GLOBE) program is an elite undergraduate business program that facilitates studies for 54 top-performing students at Copenhagen Business School (CBS), the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) and the Kenan-Flagler Business School at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (UNC). The program aims at providing students with strong international business sense, international perspective and global mind-sets.


Each institution selects 18 top-performing students every year to participate. A demanding and extensive application and interview process ensures that an academically excellent and experienced cohort is selected.


As of Spring 2022, 15 cohorts have graduated the program.


Academic Excellence in a Collaborative Environment

Upon acceptance to the program, students live, study and travel together for three semesters as an international cohort. This makes GLOBE a truly experiential learning journey with intense international exposure.


Students study one semester at each university, beginning in the fall semester at CBS and graduating from the program at UNC in the following fall semester. The students then return to their respective home institutions to finish their degrees.


Courses are offered exclusively to GLOBE students at each university. These reflect relevant business aspects from each continent. At CBS, students gain an understanding of corporate integration within the European Union. In Hong Kong, students are taught the dynamics of Asian business and at UNC, students actively engage in the processes of entrepreneurial ventures.


In-class learning is complemented by study trips that support the internationally integrated business curriculum. These facilitate understanding of regional business practices. The study trips offer students a unique opportunity to gain first hand experience of foreign business operations and interact with business professionals from a wide range of cultural backgrounds.


The program does not only offer intense academic learning, but gives students the opportunity to study in a collaborative and highly ambitious learning environment. The program allows for cultural immersion and a strong global alumni network, which benefits students in their future endeavours.


Top Partner Schools

The GLOBE program is a partnership between three top international business schools from different continents. In 2017, Copenhagen Business School was ranked the 13th best business school in the world, the Chinese University of Hong Kong was ranked the 11th best university in Asia, and the Kenan-Flagler School of Business.

New Program Sequencing 

Beginning with Cohort 13

Program Semester 1 (fall): The University of North Carolina

Program Semester 2 (spring): The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Program Semester 3 (fall): Copenhagen Business School

Curriculum Changes

Beginning with Cohort 13, the partner schools made new curricular changes.



  • Launched a new Inclusive Global Leadership course at UNC that helps students understand and develop attitudes and skills to integrate across and within the partner schools.

  • Launched a new course focused on current topics in American business (immigration, minimum wage, corporate tax rates, etc.) and specifically the relationship between public policy and business.



  • The “China Business” and “Marketing in China” GLOBE courses are still required. To better connect theories with real-world practices, prominent business leaders in China give guest lectures and interact with students.



  • Launched a new edition of the Finance and Financial Institutions in Society course

  • Developed a new Capstone Project course

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