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Advice from GLOBErs on Application Writing

Many prospective GLOBE students may find the vigorous application process a little intimidating, but those who have been through it will know that it should not be feared. For the recruiting committee it is all about getting to know you to understand whether you will make a good fit on the GLOBE program.

We spoke with Frederikke Boye from batch XIV and Jeppe Bruun Rasmussen from batch XV, who shared a few pieces of advice on how you could go about writing your application.

How did you prepare for writing your application?

Jeppe: First of all, I went to the information sessions. Not so much to hear about the content of the program, as I could read that online, but more to get a chance to talk with former GLOBErs. Through conversations with a couple of the alumni from batch XII, I got different takes on what they had included in their applications. This was a good source of inspiration for when I later sat down and wrote my application. One of the recommendations was to ask close friends and family how they would describe me and why they believed I would be a valuable member of the new batch. This approach provided me with new perspectives and helped me get started on my essay.

Frederikke: To prepare for writing my application, I made a timeline over which experiences I believe have affected me the most and shaped me into who I am. The experiences were a mixture of larger and smaller experiences, such as living a year abroad and my first track and field race. The timeline helped me see what I could contribute with to the GLOBE program, and why I thought GLOBE was the perfect next step on my path in life.

In hindsight, what would you have put more emphasis on in your application?

Jeppe: I think what I have come to realize is that the whole application process is designed for the committee to get a clear picture of the applicant’s personality. With this in mind, I would probably have focused more on communicating episodes in my life, which have had a direct impact on who I am today. In addition, I would perhaps make my essay a bit less formal to move it away from a classic job application and more towards a personal statement.

Frederikke: Looking back, I think I would have put more emphasis on also showing some of my own flaws in my application. The recruiting committee wants to get the whole picture of who you are, and they know that everyone has both their own strengths and flaws. They, therefore, don't just look for what your strengths are, but at least as much what your flaws are or what they could be. Don’t be afraid to include them.

What advice would you give to a prospective GLOBE student about to write his/her application?

Jeppe: My first advice is to avoid that the essay becomes a replication of your CV. Instead, make sure that the CV says as much as possible about your academic- and professional track record, such that you can focus on expressing personality in the essay. Secondly, knowing that it is tough competition to get into the program, I made it a goal to become personally satisfied with my application. This might sound cliché but by doing so, I knew I could not blame myself for not putting enough effort into the application. Lastly, having read a couple of my peers’ applications, I can see that there are many different reasons to why applicants are accepted to the program. Therefore, I would remind applicants that there is not just one “right” application for the GLOBE program.

Frederikke: You only have two pages to write your motivational letter, so do not use the space on listing things, which are already clear from your resume. Instead, try

to give the recruiting committee a deeper understanding of who you are, and what makes you stand out, by showing your personality and character, for example, by writing about a unique trait you have or an experience or person that has meant something special to you.

Jeppe and Frederikke are just two of the many current and former GLOBERs, who are open to sharing their application experience. Remember that you are always welcome to reach out with questions on the application process or generally on the GLOBE experience.

We look forward to reading your application and hopefully welcome you to the GLOBE family.

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