Advice from GLOBErs on Application Writing

Many prospective GLOBE students may find the vigorous application process a little intimidating, but those who have been through it will know that it should not be feared. For the recruiting committee it is all about getting to know you to understand whether you will make a good fit on the GLOBE program.

We spoke with Frederikke Boye from batch XIV and Jeppe Bruun Rasmussen from batch XV, who shared a few pieces of advice on how you could go about writing your application.

How did you prepare for writing your application?

Jeppe: First of all, I went to the information sessions. Not so much to hear about the content of the program, as I could read that online, but more to get a chance to talk with former GLOBErs. Through conversations with a couple of the alumni from batch XII, I got different takes on what they had included in their applications. This was a good source of inspiration for when I later sat down and wrote my application. One of the recommendations was to ask close friends and family how they would describe me and why they believed I would be a valuable member of the new batch. This approach provided me with new perspectives and helped me get started on my essay.