First Day of Class

The first day of class is a big deal at UNC. The night before, the Order of the Bell Tower, the student ambassadors and UNC tradition keepers, organize the relighting of the Morehead-Patterson Bell Tower, where this iconic monument is illuminated in blue and white. It signifies the countdown to the start of the new academic year and I’ve heard from the UNC GLOBErs that it’s a beautiful sight that really brings together the community. Unfortunately, due to the thunderstorms this year, the relighting was cancelled, but the Sunset Serenade was still scheduled. Here, UNC a capella groups showcase their singing routines to all incoming students at Memorial Hall, and this is certainly an event that is truly unique from the perspective of a Danish student.

The following day, the 21st of August, our classes began. Most classes for GLOBErs are at the Kenan-Flagler Business School at UNC, which is located at South Campus. So, for my roommate and I living at Spencer Residence Hall on Franklin Street, it was a long walk and the August heat of North Carolina is harsh. Still, you should not be taking the Campus shuttle buses in this first week, otherwise you’ll be missing out on the buzzing campus life. There’s Freshmen students desperately trying to find their classrooms, sorority sisters promoting their chapter, volunteers handing out free food (LOTS of free food) and I was even invited to paint the UNC logo on a canvas that now proudly sits on my dorm room desk. As a CBS student, it was a completely different experience and I loved every bit of it.



Don’t forget to drink from the Old Well fountain before your first class! This annual tradition at Chapel Hill promises a 4.0 GPA for the semester, so be sure to give yourself enough time in the morning to take part (or, if you’re up for it, be there at midnight-