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Our Wednesday Night Tradition

From the very first week we arrived in Hong Kong, we continued the much-loved, long-standing GLOBE tradition of attending the Wednesday Night Happy Valley Horse Races in Wan Chai!

From my understanding, the pre-game (and post-game, for that matter) activities have been very different amongst GLOBE batches. I know that Batch 12 always went to Stone Nullah Tavern for their beat-the-clock deals and that Batch 11 went to Sushi One for discounts on Sushi after 10pm. As a Batch, our Wednesday tradition is as follows:

Every Wednesday, the UNC students finish their Operations course at around 17:15, so we all gather at the MTR University Station at this time. Some groups will go a little before or a little later, but, regardless, we always meet at the same place: Mr Wongs. At this little hole-in-the-wall restaurant, we are greeted with a big smile from Mr Wong himself, who gladly helps rearrange his outside patio, finding foldable tables and plastic chairs to accommodate for our large group.

At Mr Wongs, there is no menu. Mr Wongs is more of an all-you-can-eat-and-drink alternative where you have no choice in what you eat nor what you drink. Mr Wong will simply pass you a beer and then bring out some of his favourite dishes! If you like something, just let him know and he’ll be back with some more. Amazing.

Thereafter, we all go back to the metro and head towards Happy Valley, where we try out our luck at the horse races. Usually we’ll be around for 3 or 4 of the races, cheering on whichever horse we, or someone in our group, had bet on. The atmosphere is loud, lively and very contagious, making us ready for our next stop at the bars in Wan Chai (our favourites were Typhoon and Devil’s Advocate for sure).

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