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Fall Fest & UNC’s many student organizations

On the day we returned from Outward Bound, the UNC students encouraged us to head over to Hooker’s Field to participate in Fall Fest, which is an annual student-led event that showcases all the clubs that the college has to offer. At first, we were skeptical whether or not it would be worth it, considering we were all exhausted after our week in the forest (click here to read the post about our Outward Bound trip). However, I’m glad that we decided to go anyways, otherwise we would never have seen the extent of UNC’s extracurricular activities!

It was a very impressive sight, browsing the field that hosted several hundreds of different student organizations, each with enthusiastic members promoting their activities. Just 10 minutes after arriving I had already been given a tote bag as well as a remarkably large haul of free merchandise, from stickers to glasses that flashed green lights. The field was sectioned off in bundles of categories: charity, the Arts, departmental, sports, politics, fraternity and so on, but it was still easy to get lost in the large space.

Personally, I thought that the amount of student organizations was overwhelming. We definitely have many student initiatives at CBS, however the sheer volume and variety of those offered at UNC was a whole other level. What’s great about this, is that there was a student organization for everyone here, so lots of us GLOBErs have now joined some of the activities offered.

To name a couple of examples, Carsten travelled to Maine to participate in a handball tournament with the UNC team; Ellen has joined the UNC Tennis Club; Ovidiu and a group of others signed up for the Undergraduate Consulting Club; and Rebekka has proudly joined the Carolina Women in Business club. On top of that, we have had some people audition for A Capella groups and I even joined a sorority! In the Intramurals, we are represented by a Co-Rec Soccer Team, a Men’s Soccer GLOBE XIII Team, a Women’s Soccer Team, a Men’s Soccer GLOBE XII Team, a Women’s Volleyball Team and a Co-Rec Beach Volleyball Team. Our current win-rate may not be great… but we definitely deserve points for effort and team support!

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